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We enjoy the challenges that come with commercial and enterprise projects, if you have a new construction, addition or remodel project or if you simply need service work, we are here to assist.   Our experience Includes:


  • Office Space

  • Lodging (Motels / Hotels / Suites)

  • Data Center / Telecommunications

  • Educational Facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Manufacturing Facilities

  • Retail Stores

  • Farm and Ranch

  • Vehicle Charging Stations

  • Community Infrastructure: Water / Sewer Pumping and Lift Stations


We understand how important these work spaces are to your revenue.   From the electrical service entrance to proper lighting to office Networking and beyond we have your interests in focus.  

Do you have a facility filled with older, less efficient lighting and need a lighting plan developed that suites your needs?   We would be glad to help.   We can develop a custom plan that provides the desired lighting levels in the appropriate work spaces.     If there is a lighting retrofit program with your utility we can assist in completing the proper work to obtain the program support.

Lighting Retrofits

VFD's and Soft Starts / Capacitive Compensation

If you are on a FARM / RANCH with irrigation pumps or in a manufacturing facility with large AC motors, we can assist with a power audit to determine compliance with Utility Demand Rate schedules and outline a plan for unique motor control requirements, we can assist in the popper design and implementation of a Soft start or Variable Frequency Drives to maximize efficiency respect to any utility  "Demand Rate" penalties.

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