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Automation / Industrial  Controls

Industrial controls and automation is an area for which we have geat passion.    We pride our selves on the many control systems we have integrated from the ground up and those that have been developed by other integrators that we have installed.     Collaboration across teams and interests is critical to the success of all projects, but it is especially important with this type of work.     Our industial experience is ever growing; spanning from complex high voltage power distribution and motor control centers, to the electrical controls and pump centers for public utilities including radio commucications and fiber optic network links.


We would love to build your controls for you.   We do our own in house software development and programming on a wide range devices (PLC's, programmable relays and HMI platforms ect).    We have extensive experience with industry programming environments such as ladder logic but also have experience in codding in other development environments (Java and VbScript, to name few).


If you have a project to which you bring your own controls and just need installation support,  we can be there for you as well.   We have experience with a wide range of flow measurement, tank level indication, pressure measurement and force sensing devices and will gladly be there to assist in getting your system installed and commissioned.


If you have an older control system and are looking for someone to support it we can be there for you as well.


We have a great passion for this segment of the industry and we enjoy taking on new challenges.

Public Utilities

​​Water treatment, lift stations or dyanmic multisite well systems, we have considerable experience in this industry that will bring value to your project.

Motor Control / VFD's Soft Starts

From High Voltage High Horsepower motor control centers that require softstarts to VFD controlled multi-pump staged pressure systems, we have experience and would like to work with you to complete your projects.


Do you already have an existing pump station or conveyory system?    We can work with you and the local utility to take advantage of any incentives that may be available to retrofit your system to improve efficiency.

Control Panels
Relay's, Contacts, PLC's, VFD's, Touch Screen HMI's; the works. We can develop a solution for you or we can install and service a system integrated by others.

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